Thursday, January 9, 2014

#9.5: Jewish Mark Twain

I only intended to listen to "Roderick on the Line" as I washed the dishes, but ended up listening to the entire episode--damn podcast. Once again, John and Merlin spoke to my deepest fears in a comical way. After the dishes were done, I sat on the futon, intending to snap the podcast off and focus on my goal for the day (which is yet to be finished), but I began taking notes instead. They are as follows:

John looking for an assistant to esquire internet to question about if one will be the primary creator (like Shalom Aleichem the Jewish Mark Twain)

“I can’t worry about my place in the library.”

Chinese assistant will “put it on the stack.”

Mac turned us from chopping wood to geniuses to drones on the boxes and wanting to chop wood

I could clarify those notes, but I won't. I hope you listen instead. What caught me, as it catches anyone at some time or another, is the question about whether your work will survive centuries, or will be forgotten. More later. 

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