Wednesday, January 1, 2014

#1: Hopes

First Hope

I've begun and abandoned other blogs--some sooner than others. I'm trying to force myself back into writing more. I was on a pretty good schedule earlier in the fall, but between traveling and waiting for traveling for my book promotion, I've fallen behind. So, this is a way to keep myself honest: I plan to write a little each day on this blog. Whatever I've written, no matter how small or how poorly written, will be put up by the end of the day.

Second Hope

A few years ago, a psychiatrist told me I have possible brain damage due to a brain tumor and surgery. One of the side effects is memory issues, and a greater risk for dementia in years to come. I have experiences that I do not remember, even though I feel they're significant enough to be implanted in my memory. He told me that keeping a journal would help me retain some of those memories. I've tried to keep journals in various beautiful books, but my handwriting is poor and my writing hand has never been very strong since my surgery, so I usually give up after a few entries. 

This is one way to keep myself honest to my writing life and my brain life--to have the blog and any readers who happen upon this site tell me when I've completed (or not completed) my hopes each day. 


  1. Brava, Jessica. Happy New year and happy blogging! I only do one post/week, so my hat's off to you if you can do more. I am reviewing old journals right now, and it does seem to be a way to externalize the memory. Embarrassingly so, sometimes. :-)

  2. Thanks, Shirley! We'll see how much I can embarrass myself in public!